Assistance in locating documents in Poland, Israel and other countries

Should you decide to apply for Polish citizenship, the request includes vital records (birth, marriage
and / or death) of the Polish-born person and of the applicant, as well as many other documents.
We locate all types of documents from Poland, Israel, and other countries.
We are specialists in Polish history and in the sourcing of Israeli and Australian archival documents!
We also have contacts in many other countries through whom we will find any other documents you
need for your application.

Despite the belief that no Polish documents survived the war, the reality is that millions of documents
survived Files1in various archives.

Based on your specific family history, we search for relevant documents,
whether in Poland or in territories that were part of Poland before the war
(e.g. The Ukraine) or in any other relevant country.

Non-Israeli citizens whose relatives lived in Israel for however short a time
are required by Polish authorities to provide formal Israeli documents such
as IDF service document or immigration documents.
We help you obtain such documents using a power of attorney.