Polish citizenship confirmation - the first step to a Polish passport.

The question of eligibility is based in part on the birth of a first degree relative in

Poland (going up to 3 generations back) and in part on meeting a variety of

requirements of Polish citizenship laws.
To assist you in this lengthy and complex process and to prevent unnecessary funds spent, we
offer a citizenship eligibility check service
Based on your inputs and on years of experience, You will
be provided with a specific eligibility analysis and details about how you are eligible, or why you are
not. If the answer is no, you prevent needless expenses by choosing to stop the process at this stage.

We can help with either one of the following options:

Polish citizenship by Birth 
A child born to at least one Polish

 Polish Citizenship by Marriage
 A spouse of a Polish citizen may acquire

Polish citizenship in case that

Polish citizenship by Descent

Non Polish citizens who are of

Polish descent and their ancestors

Polish citizenship by Restoration
Restoration of Polish citizenship applies

only to people who used to hold Polish

Polish citizenship by Naturalization

Recognition -  A foreigner is recognized 

as Polish, if they ask for it, know the Polish