Polish Citizenship by Marriage
A spouse of a Polish citizen may acquire Polish citizenship providing he/she meets the following terms:

♣  The person in question has been married to a Polish citizen for three years
♣  The person lives in Poland on the basis of a settlement permit or a long term

     residence  permit or a permanent residence permit in case of an EU citizen.
A permit for longer than 3 months, will be granted to a foreigner who is the spouse of a Polish citizen as long as the circumstance that serve as basis for such application justifies the residency in Poland (for longer than 3 months).
A foreigner wishing to marry a Polish citizen must submit a certificate of legal capacity to marry. 
The document certifies that a person may, in accordance with the law of his country join the union of  Marriage . This document tends to cause trouble. Many countries do not have such documents. 
In such a case, you need to apply for exemption from this obligation. The appeal for exemption is submitted to the District Court at the place of residence of the person in question. Following a
marriage to a Polish citizen, a foreigner has the right to apply for residence permit.
A permit will be issued for a period of two years (with the option for extension).
While conducting procedures for the legalization of a foreigner’s stay, The Council may check whether the marriage is ' authentic '.  The council has the right for inspection without notice.
After three years of marriage (including two years of continuous residence in Poland on the basis of the residence permit ) , Foreigner may apply for a permanent residence - permission to settle.
After 3.5 years of marriage, the foreigner has the right to apply for Polish citizenship. 
Following marriage to a Polish citizen, foreign spouse has the following rights:
● The option to legalize the stay in Poland
● The right to work without a work permit .
● The right to conduct business with Polish citizens. 
● The right for acquisition of property after a 5-year period stay in Poland based

   on residence permit.
● The right to apply for Polish citizenship .
● Foreign spouses gain the right for social assistance only if they have been

    authorized to settle based on a term resident permit.

Children  - According to Polish law, a child, which at least one of its parents is a Polish citizen is considered a Polish citizen from birth.