Polish Citizenship to Polish passport is a 4 stages process:

Stage 1: Obtaining your Polish citizenship approval. (We do it directly through Warsaw as we find it
will cut the process duration in half. However we can assist you if you choose to apply through the
Polish consulate).

Stage 2: 
Registration of your birth certificate in Poland. Married women who bear their husband's Polishpassport
surname are required to register their marriages as well. Married men applying
for their minor children, will be required to register their marriage in Poland.

People who have changed their name must register their marriage and name
change in Poland. 
We can perform this process for you,

Stage 3:
PESSEL (Polish identity number). This is possible only if you have
completed steps 1&2. This can be done only in a Polish consulate.

Stage 4:
 Passport - directly in a Polish consulate.